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Henry Muñoz / Hulia, Colombia / Washed Pink Bourbon / Espresso + Filter

Henry Muñoz / Hulia, Colombia / Washed Pink Bourbon / Espresso + Filter

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Henry Muñoz - Los Naranjos / San Agustin, Huila, Colombia

Washed Pink Bourbon

Tasting Notes - Baked Apple / Maple Syrup / Cocoa / Bubblegum

A wonderfully sweet and rich Pink Bourbon from master coffee producer Henry Muñoz who recently started working with the Monkaaba smallholder coffee growers' initiative in San Agustin. My first cupping note for the pre-ship sample of this coffee was "WOW", and another local roaster who cupped some of the same lots noted "Damn, this one in particular!" 

Despite the instantly apparent high quality of Henry Muñoz' harvests, for the bulk of his coffee farming career he has been selling his lots for low prices to a major importer who straight up lied to him about how his coffees were scoring. This is a common reality for smallholder farmers, the majority of whom don't have access to honest buyers in the specialty sector. Thankfully through partnership with Monkaaba his work is finally being recognized and I'm grateful to have some of this outstanding Pink Bourbon lot.

I've roasted this in an "omni" style, to work well for both espresso and filter extractions. It is not dark by any means, or even what most would call "medium" but if you enjoy a more traditional cup, or want a single origin espresso to work well on its own or in a milk drink, this is the one. (For the nerds, this one has a Development Time Ratio of 13.5% rather than the ~9-10% I usually drop coffees). 


Thanks to Semilla for working with Monkaaba to bring this coffee to the northern hemisphere. Take a minute to read about Semilla and Monkaaba and their work attempting to push back against the innately extractive colonial roots of the coffee industry here:


Please let all coffees rest for a minimum of five days after the roast date before brewing. Two to three weeks after roast is much better. Most coffees will begin to fade after three months but this happens slowly if the coffee is properly stored (away from heat, oxygen and direct sunlight) and even 6+ months after roast most lightly roasted coffees will taste great. 

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