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Haji Betro Station / West Arsi, Ethiopia / Washed Dega & Wolisho

Haji Betro Station / West Arsi, Ethiopia / Washed Dega & Wolisho

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Haji Betro Station / Riripa, Nensebo Zone, West Arsi Region, Ethiopia 

Washed Dega & Wolisho

Tasting Notes - Grade Candy / Dried Apricot / Amaretto


This is a beautiful washed coffee from the Haji Betro washing station is made up of Dega and Wolisho cultivars grown by ~750 smallholder farmers surrounding the town of Riripa at an altitude of 1900-2100 masl. Most great washed Ethiopian coffees have dried fruit notes right up front for me, and there's plenty of dried apricot and raisin in the cup here. I'm also reminded of a favourite childhood candy, those purple gummies you could get for 5 cents each that are in the shape of a bundle of grapes and covered in sugar. Loads of florals and a distinctive sweet note of amarettoon the finish.

This coffee will perform equally well with filter or espresso preparations. Try it as a turbo shot (~1-3 ratio in 12-20 seconds) to bring the florals to the front. 


Please let all coffees rest for a minimum of five days after the roast date before brewing. Two to three weeks after roast is much better. Most coffees will begin to fade after three months but this happens slowly if the coffee is properly stored (away from heat, oxygen and direct sunlight) and even 6+ months after roast most lightly roasted coffees will taste great. 

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