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Thank you for a wonderful year

My deepest gratitude for all the enthusiasm surrounding this little coffee experiment and for everyone who frequented the shop on Main St in 2022.

General Strike Coffee Workshop is now a dedicated nanoroastery offering high quality specialty coffees roasted in small batches, available for pickup and local delivery within Vancouver and by mail worldwide.

New coffees will be added to the lineup every couple weeks. Thanks again for the interest and good hangs.

- Kevin / General Strike Coffee Workshop

Roasted in very small batches in East Vancouver

Allowing for continuous experimentation and obsessive fine-tuning of roast profiles

Roasted for modern espresso and filter extraction techniqes

Lightly roasted to showcase the work of the farmers who grow these coffees and the many workers whose labour makes this industry possible

No bosses, investors or stolen surplus value

The coffee industry is firmly rooted in colonial extractive practices, as well as exploitative labour practices in cafes and roasteries everywhere. As a worker-owned operation, there are no bosses or shareholders stealing the surplus value created by those doing the work of roasting, controlling quality, packing and hand-delivering your coffee. Thank you for supporting this humble attempt at a more ethical model of business.